NEXT EVENT: JULY 26TH 2018, LAS VEGAS



What is Unite? 

Unite is a FREE full day gathering of Event Tech Tribe leaders and all our customers from around the country.  We also extend an invite to selected event professionals from all areas of the industry. Our purpose is to introduce the Tribe, demonstrate new event tech and to join forces to learn, craft and re-define event intelligence for 2018 and beyond.  

After Unite we'll publish our findings; we'll run a series of webinars and presentations.

Why should I get involved?

Unite isn't your typical event - it's networking, its an event tech expo, its an opportunity for you to collaborate with fellow event professionals and make your mark on the industry. Our unconference is a chance for you to tell us what you think it means to be an event professional in 2018, help us shape the Tribe manifesto for the future,  share your knowledge about creating awesome events, learn from our speakers and each other - ultimately leaving with new ideas, connections and insights.

What should I expect?

  • 100 attendees - ranging from event planners to corporate marketers from across the US and Europe
  • Women in Events Breakfast - debating and discussing the role of women in the events industry, how we can empower them to achieve more, establish support within organizations to ensure women thrive and succeed.  Attended by past President of AWE, Carrie Abernathy along with Michelle Bruno and other industry influencers.
  • Keynote presentation from HubSpot - Kevin rarely presents to audiences and will be proposing ideas for partnerships and alliances in 2018 and beyond - how to structure these, influence them, build great relationships for successful event deployment and also to prosper commercially.
  • Keynote presentation from Atlassian on being a super user of event tech - in this session learn from a Tribe super user how to deploy multiple technologies, and create compelling stakeholder ROI presentations.
  • Keynote presentation from Dahlia al Gazzar on event personalization - a hot topic - presenting information for us to use in our client discussions about strategic tech deployment for personalization, along with a dive into the audience behavioural changes and expectations that are driving this trend.
  • Unconference - working as a collective to create a Manifesto for Event Technology - debating the key issues around procuring, deploying, managing tech - what are the gaps, the failures, the opportunities, what do planners and marketers want from their tech stack, what do audiences want, how should suppliers be interacting.  This is a huge opportunity to create a strategic blueprint for the event technology industry and have quality conversations with peers.
  • Event Tech Expo - each of the seven Tribe companies will have a booth at the event, attended by their sales and customer success teams for a deep dive into the software and the roadmaps - an efficient way to see lots of tech at once and deepen relationships with the people building it.

Facilitating the unconference and presenting too:  tech evangelist Dahlia El Gazzar

When and where?

Thursday 26th July

The LINQ, Las Vegas



  1. You'll come away with connections with the audience which will be useful for future deals, projects and events. 
  2. The unconference element gives you the chance to develop your own thought leadership.
  3. You'll also learn about the future of event tech and the trends to be aware of, and how to make effective event tech purchases and deployments.  
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Hear from a Tribe super user her tips and techniques for deploying event tech successfully.

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What is the future for partnerships, how are companies successfully partnering in 2018 and beyond?