NEXT EVENT: OCTOBER 2017, SAN FRANCISCO



What is Unite? 

Unite is a meeting of minds; a half day gathering of Event Tech Tribe leaders and event professionals from all areas of the industry. Our purpose is to introduce the Tribe, and to join forces to learn, craft and re-define event intelligence for 2017 and beyond.  

After Unite we'll publish our findings; by the industry, for the industry.


Why should I get involved?

Unite isn't your typical conference - it's an opportunity for you to collaborate with fellow event professionals and make your mark on the industry. This is a chance for you to tell us what you think it means to be an event professional in 2017, help us shape the Tribe manifesto for the future,  share your knowledge about creating awesome events, learn from our speakers and each other - ultimately leaving with new ideas, connections and insights.


What should I expect?

An inspiring afternoon jam packed with thought pieces presented by industry leaders to kick off the dialogue, along with a series of collaborative 'tables of interest': intimate sessions directed by YOU and facilitated by our Tribe leaders. 

Be prepared to make new connections, be challenged with new ideas and opinions, and walk away feeling excited for the future of events (we sure are!). Your insights and input won't go unnoticed - every attendee will receive CMP credits and will be recognized as a contributor in our subsequent industry report.


Uniting the Audience in NYC and DC: 

Our MC for both events was the inimitable David Adler of BizBash!

When and where?

Next event: October 2017, San Francisco

More details to be announced


Our program will be personalized to each audience, but here's an outline of what to expect:

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1:30pm arrive and mingle

Arrive to meet your fellow event professionals, mingle, nibble and get refreshed ready to explore some big ideas!

CYCLE 2-03.png

2pm Tribe leaders panel: what is the event ecosystem?

Welcome from the Tribe leaders, moving into a panel facilitated by David Adler,  answering your questions and exploring topics like:

  • What is the event ecosystem?
  • The API economy - what's in it for you?
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3pm - 5pm unconference sessions /tables of interest

Break away to decide what our burning issues are, pick one idea, solve it together for 30 mins then present to the wider team our solutions.  Perhaps:

  • Why is event management so stressful?
  • What data is actually useful?
  • What is wrong with the event tech ecosystem right now?

meet your hosts

Leonora Valvo, Swoogo

Event tech maverick, Event Tech Tribe architect, wannabe digital nomad, Leonora is a mover and shaker-upper of our industry. Passionate about finding new ways to solve old problems; help people; improve companies; create value, she has raised four companies and seven children successfully - but killed several house plants. So she's sticking to people and tech now!

Imagine what you get when you combine years of experience in Event Tech with a raging passion for current technology paradigms...the unifying theory of events, told by the only person who has the right insights and experience to know.

Marie-Claire Andrews, event tech tribe director of operations

Founder of ShowGizmo - which grew to be the top event app in Australasia under M-C's leadership - a business development, networking and specialist in execution excellence.  Her career includes founding multiple businesses in tech and hospitality and her girl geek status was confirmed when she was appointed as chair of Unlimited Potential, NZ's leading tech business network. She was awarded the Smart Women in the Events Industry award for entpreneurship in 2016 and is on the board of AWE and the IACC and is currently co-ordinating the Event Tech Tribe activities.

Greg lazzaro, TRC

Under Greg’s leadership, TRC has developed from a six-person, single-product business into an industry-leading event technology company that partners with customers in the creation and execution of events both large and small, simple and complex, and everything in between. With more than 20 years in event tech, Greg has the experience to recognize when new technology is really better, and when its appeal is merely the allure of “newness,” with no true added value. Consequently, TRC has continued to successfully innovate and expand the products and services it offers based on what customers truly want and need—oftentimes before they ever know they need it.

Mike Piddock, Glisser

Mike is the Founder and CEO of Glisser, award winning audience engagement software. Prior to forming Glisser, Mike was a Chief Marketing Officer working in the telecoms and financial services industries, where he was responsible for multi-million dollar budgets with a significant weighting towards client and employee events. Most recently Mike was at Octopus Investments, a London fund manager and venture capital company, where he helped grow assets under management from £500m to £4 billion in five years. Octopus ran over 200 events each year, yet by streamlining the meeting design approach and deploying technology and resources effectively, employed just one Events Planner.