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At our Unite events this year, we heard overwhelmingly that there's just nowhere to go for a good old chat about event technology and how to piece it all together - without the fear of being pitched, or sold to or looking stupid.  And there's a concern amongst you planners and marketers that the advice could be biased, or coming from people that frankly don't live events, like you do (so how could they know).

The Event Tech Tribe exists to provide alternative options to our wonderful planner and marketer communities.  So here's a new option for intelligence gathering - bespoke strategy sessions in a 'lab' with Tribe leaders and team members who, you know, know their stuff.

In each session one or two of you will present your event objectives and we'll debate and discuss together all the different tech we can imagine could help you smash your #eventtechgoals - or your revenue goals, or your engagement goals.  It's an honest discussion, harnessing the best of our brains and the best of your ideas to come up with strategic and tactical ideas you can work with.  

Places are limited, so sign up for this month's session or email us to go on the list for a lab of your own.

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