The do's and dont's of data: what event profs need to know

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The hottest topic in event tech right now is DATA. But while data is important, the right data is essential. It’s becoming normal to feel overwhelmed by the increasing amounts of data being collected - and the different sources it can come from.  Don’t worry, in this webinar our very own Einstein, Brent from InsightXM, is here to talk plainly about where to get your data, what to do with it and how to filter out the noise.

In this webinar, you can expect to cover:

  • Common misconceptions and myths about data

  • Signals you should pay attention to

  • Noisy nonsense that you can avoid

  • Some best practice advice from the experts

  • What to know about data ownership and understanding the laws

Brent Pearson insightxm

Meet your host

Brent Pearson is the Event Tech Tribe's resident data expert. With over 15 years of software and IT management under his belt, Brent is now the CEO of the event intelligence software company and Tribe member, InsightXM.