Event Personalization & Influencer Marketing (Dahlia El Gazzar's presentation #UNITE2018)

The How and Why Now in Influencer Marketing. Did you know that 94% of marketers who use influencer marketing find it an effective practice, and influencer marketing can generate up to 11x the ROI of traditional advertising?  Well we do, thanks to Dahlia's presentation at UNITE! 

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Presented by Dahlia El Gazzar - DAHLIA+ AGENCY

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Event Tech Tribe launching new tech this month at UNITE

Event Tech Tribe launching new tech this month at UNITE

The Event Tech Tribe, the federation of best-in-craft event tech companies, earlier this month announced UNITE’18 - their event tech user un-conference.  Now they’re set to wow everyone with the launch of new products and some sharp new tech experiences.

Event Tech Tribe partners with best-in-craft GDPR team to tackle compliance

The Event Tech Tribe is pleased to announce a partnership with business transformation consultancy Fileom to ensure its family of best-in-craft event technology companies comply with the ongoing demands of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  

The GDPR, which came into effect on May 25 2018, extends the data protection rights of EU citizens and residents while setting out requirements for how organisations collect, process, store and share personal data. It also embeds the concept of data protection by design and the use of Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs), an essential tool in minimising privacy risks and building trust.

Marie-Claire Andrews, Director of Operations for the Tribe, said “The Tribe philosophy is about being the best in our niche, so, as we take our responsibilities under the GDPR so seriously, it was key that we found a specialist partner to ensure we’re doing the absolute best we can as an organization and for our customers”

Amit Khanna, Co-Founder of Fileom, said “We are very excited to be joining forces and our partnership will allow the Event Tech Tribe to embed DPIA-as-a-service to customers. Events technology is always evolving and a DPIA helps build trust, improve client engagement and potentially save a lot of time and resources while complying with the GDPR. We look forward to applying our in-depth sector experience and the Event Tech Tribe’s focus on best-of-breed solutions and strategic thinking complements our approach.”