Replay: Women in Events - building your personal brand in 2018


On March 8th we celebrated International Women's day. It’s a movement that's close to our hearts here at the Event Tech Tribe, which is why we thought it was only appropriate to celebrate our fierce women in events all month long.

This months Event Intelligence webinar is being hosted by our very own, Marie-Claire Andrews and Raime Merriman. Together these ladies have helped power countless events, managed teams of people, won numerous awards and are generally known for getting s#!t done!

This month Marie-Claire and Raime are going to be discussing how to build your personal brand. They’ll share some of their own war stories, provide you with some helpful tips and tools, and help you feel more empowered to make 2018 YOUR year.

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Replay: How to create a killer event website

Want your 2018 event website to absolutely blow your competition out of the water this year? Of course you do! Lucky for you, we’re bringing in event website extraordinaires, Swoogo to show you how to do it like a pro!

Swoogo’s inhouse digital marketing expert, Carsten is hosting our February event intelligence webinar and will be talking us through the top 10 biggest mistakes, showing off some sweet examples of killer event websites, and giving you some inside secrets to take away when it comes time to build your event website.

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Replay: How to get smarter with your event marketing

Get Smarter With Your Event Marketing! 

Want more attendees? Attendee personas and influencer marketing, two techniques borrowed from corporate marketers, are great ways to drive more targeted and effective registrations.

With this on-demand webinar, you can become a master of these next-level event marketing techniques.

We've enlisted leading event marketing consultant and speaker Nick Borelli to share his approaches to leveraging influencers and attendee persons. He'll explain attendee personas and influencer marketing in easy-to-understand terms, and guide you through the process using these powerful approaches to elevate your event marketing efforts.

Attendees will learn…

  • How to identify relevant influencers
  • How to connect with influencers, get your interests aligned and keep them accountable
  • Why creating attendee personas is the key to more targeted event marketing
  • Tips and strategies for identifying your event’s personas
  • How to let your personas dictate your event marketing

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Replay: The Evolution of Audience Engagement - Tools and techniques to keep your sessions interesting in 2018

Audience engagement technology has grown dramatically over the years. What was once an area ruled by event apps is now a tool box full to the brim with intuitive systems designed to help make your sessions more valuable, useful, and memorable. 

In the first event intelligence webinar of 2018 we're bringing in the experts from Glisser to walk us through the evolution of audience engagement technology and shed some light on how you can make adopting these tools a pain free process in 2018. 

Viewers can expect to learn: 

  • Where audience engagement technology started, and where it's heading in 2018 and beyond
  • How to get your clients on board and adopting audience engagement tech
  • How to take your sessions to the next level with tech and why your attendees will love you for it

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Replay: 5 reasons to #ditchthebinder in 2018

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 9.27.49 AM.png

Webinar replay

There are many great things on the horizon for the event industry in 2018. Continuing to use clipboard and binders is not one of those things! In this on-demand webinar our friends and partners at EventOPS will be diving deep into the future of event tech and help you prepare for life in the industry as we leave the era of Excel.

In this on-demand webinar, you can expect to learn:

  • How to find hours of extra time you didn’t know were there

  • What the golf industry can teach us about extreme event project planning

  • Simple ways to involve and inspire your team to love planning as much as you do

  • Easy ways to wean off excel and why your boss will love you for it

  • The art of the start - the ultimate kick off process for the best laid plans for events in 2018

  • How to use your plan to make great decisions

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Replay: The Do's and Don'ts of data - What event profs need to know

Do's and don'ts of data email banner.png

The hottest topic in event tech right now is DATA. But while data is important, the right data is essential. It’s becoming normal to feel overwhelmed by the increasing amounts of data being collected - and the different sources it can come from.  Don’t worry, in this webinar our very own Einstein, Brent from InsightXM, is here to talk plainly about where to get your data, what to do with it and how to filter out the noise.

In this webinar, you can expect to cover:

  • Common misconceptions and myths about data

  • Signals you should pay attention to

  • Noisy nonsense that you can avoid

  • Some best practice advice from the experts

  • What to know about data ownership and understanding the laws

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