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Replay: What happens in Vegas...gets put into an Event Tech Manifesto

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#Unite2018 in Las Vegas was an incredible day of face-to-face magic. Tribe teams, customers and industry experts unconferenced till our brains squeaked, and together we smashed out some amazing ideas and direction for event tech innovation! 

Join our Tribe leaders who are going to recap the day (perfect if you missed out) and take you through the beginning of the Manifesto - covering the first two chapters at a high level and calling for participants to take the projects forward.

This is a great opportunity to be a part of shaping the direction of the event tech industry. And if you missed out on attending UNITE in Las Vegas, a great insight into the ideas and directions the unconference unearthed for the future of event tech and how you and your business could be part of the journey to smashing #eventtechgoals

Watch this webinar on-demand now!

Replay: Global Trends - 5 Trends from the European Meeting Industry we can leverage

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Just how different are events around the world? Do social, political, cultural and environmental forces have an effect on the way events are designed and executed? And, knowing the answer is YES!!! - what are the insights and trends that we can apply back home?

If you're looking for new ideas, international inspiration or just keen to learn what's hot in Hamburg and fancy in France then this webinar is for you! Join Judith Huisman, Founder and CEO of Meetingselect  - based in the Netherlands -  for a tour of what's hot and what's not in Europe across tech, design, production and engagement.

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Corbin Ball names The Event Tech Tribe as a trend to watch in 2018

Corbin Ball names The Event Tech Tribe as a trend to watch in 2018

These are exciting times. The rate of technology change is accelerating with thousands of ideas, apps and innovations bubbling up to help meeting planners, exhibitors, venues and other meeting participants to do their jobs better and improve the attendee experience.

Corbin's annual review covers many of the major events technology trends to watch for this coming year.  And we're in it!

Replay: 'Simple ways to use Technology at your events'

Have you ever felt intimidated by event technology? Do you find yourself not knowing how to evaluate different vendors and tools, never mind reap their benefits? Do you use tools because they’re familiar and simple, not because they’re the best for the job?

Technology doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Replay this webinar we ran earlier in 2017 - it’ll help you become a confident event tech pro by giving you easy to implement and simple to get started with steps you can take.

It won’t be long before even the most technophobic will soon realize how manageable (and helpful!)event technology can be. So, if you’re a beginner looking to get started, or an intermediate event tech user looking for tips to maximize their technology usage.....

Replay: 'Event Tech Trends - how to cut through the noise'

Event Tech Trends: What you need to know, where to look, and how to cut through the noise

“Ten hot tech innovations for 2017” “The five killer trends your event can’t live without” ...are you tearing your hair out yet?!

The event tech ecosystem is constantly changing, often making it difficult to know how to sort through all of the information and know where to focus your attention...it got us thinking, “it really shouldn’t be this tough!”

This on-demand webinar, hosted by the Event Tech Tribe,  is all about providing you with key takeaways, tips and advice that will...

  • Inspire you with some examples of what’s trending globally
  • De-mystify some of the jargon that’s out there
  • Highlight the tools and websites you should be aware of to stay on top of what’s happening
  • Show how you can assess the opinions to analyze the benefits to your events