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Replay: What happens in Vegas...gets put into an Event Tech Manifesto

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#Unite2018 in Las Vegas was an incredible day of face-to-face magic. Tribe teams, customers and industry experts unconferenced till our brains squeaked, and together we smashed out some amazing ideas and direction for event tech innovation! 

Join our Tribe leaders who are going to recap the day (perfect if you missed out) and take you through the beginning of the Manifesto - covering the first two chapters at a high level and calling for participants to take the projects forward.

This is a great opportunity to be a part of shaping the direction of the event tech industry. And if you missed out on attending UNITE in Las Vegas, a great insight into the ideas and directions the unconference unearthed for the future of event tech and how you and your business could be part of the journey to smashing #eventtechgoals

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Event Tech Tribe member Glisser launches hybrid audience engagement platform

Audience engagement specialists, Glisser, have launched ‘Glisser LIVE’, a new online tool that allows event planners to promote and host hybrid and virtual events. Glisser LIVE combines their existing audience participation software with a live video feed for remote attendee engagement. This development to their platform allows any Glisser users to not only facilitate engagement during sessions at physical events, but also branch out and connect their remote attendees in from anywhere in the world.

Based in the UK and USA, Glisser’s platform is used by hundreds of the biggest names in business, education, and training to improve audience engagement at events and joined the Event Tech Tribe in 2017 as one of their founding members. “Always ensuring that solutions are best in craft - and therefore Event Tech Tribe-worthy - means continuously staying ahead of the trends, and that’s what’s inspired the creation of Glisser LIVE” said CEO Mike Piddock.

Hybrid events continue to surge in popularity as planners and marketers seek to extend the value of the content they create.  Glisser LIVE addresses that need by allowing planners to supplement in-room attendees (and interactions) with a virtual audience online - increasing eyeballs on content and allowing the capture of even more valuable data.  ‘We’re also seeing customers push the boundaries of events in other ways’ says Glisser’s US General Manager, Meaghan Carey. ‘One company trained hundreds of people at once all around the world, and used live-quizzing to gauge their learning instantly and others have run webcasts with integrated ‘spot polls’ to ensure people are really engaged, not actually doing something else on screen!”

Being an Event Tech Tribe company also means being mesmerized by the data that can be sent to Tribe partners, and analyzed via InsightXM, the Tribe’s data specialist company.  CEO of InsightXM, Brent Pearson said “data capture in the middle of sessions, whether in-room or on-line is genuinely valuable to event planners and we’re looking forward to the insights we can capture as a result”.

Replay: Women in Events - building your personal brand in 2018


On March 8th we celebrated International Women's day. It’s a movement that's close to our hearts here at the Event Tech Tribe, which is why we thought it was only appropriate to celebrate our fierce women in events all month long.

This months Event Intelligence webinar is being hosted by our very own, Marie-Claire Andrews and Raime Merriman. Together these ladies have helped power countless events, managed teams of people, won numerous awards and are generally known for getting s#!t done!

This month Marie-Claire and Raime are going to be discussing how to build your personal brand. They’ll share some of their own war stories, provide you with some helpful tips and tools, and help you feel more empowered to make 2018 YOUR year.

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Replay: The Evolution of Audience Engagement - Tools and techniques to keep your sessions interesting in 2018

Audience engagement technology has grown dramatically over the years. What was once an area ruled by event apps is now a tool box full to the brim with intuitive systems designed to help make your sessions more valuable, useful, and memorable. 

In the first event intelligence webinar of 2018 we're bringing in the experts from Glisser to walk us through the evolution of audience engagement technology and shed some light on how you can make adopting these tools a pain free process in 2018. 

Viewers can expect to learn: 

  • Where audience engagement technology started, and where it's heading in 2018 and beyond
  • How to get your clients on board and adopting audience engagement tech
  • How to take your sessions to the next level with tech and why your attendees will love you for it

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Event Tech Tribe expands its offering with venue booking tool

Event technology collaborative, The Event Tech Tribe is kicking off the New Year with an announcement that their family of best-in-craft event tech suppliers has grown. Venue booking software, Meetingselect is to become the seventh member of the Tribe, which has seen a huge surge in popularity over the past 12 months as a result of their unique approach to the event technology ecosystem, recently being named one of the Top 10 Meetings Innovations of the Year.

Established in 2007, Meetingselect is currently recognised as the world's largest independent meetings distribution system and online venue booking tool. The Netherlands based company will be integrating with all existing Tribe products as a part of the expanding suite of integrated solutions offered. Says Mike Piddock, Tribe leader of Glisser, with offices in the US and London, “Adding another European based Tribe partner strengthens our reach and connection to the global industry”, “It’s important to us that we serve planners and marketers wherever they are in the world and so look forward to showcasing Meetingselect - and all our team - at IMEX Frankfurt this year”

The award winning venue booking software certainly meets the ‘best-in-craft’ standard required to join the Tribe. Not only have they received numerous awards recognising them technically but their people also personify the best-in-craft philosophy. “Of course we’re 100% committed to creating the newest technology in our niche, but we spend a great deal of time building deep relationships and direct connections with our venue partners getting the best response times in the market,” explained Meetingselect co-founder, Judith Huisman, who is listed as the number 1 female entrepreneur in the Deloitte fast50 alongside her co-founder Anouk Roohé, and was nominated as EY Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year 2017. “Our long history in the hospitality industry means we understand planner and marketer requirements innately, and love to help them solve what’s typically their first challenge, sourcing the best venue!”.

The Event Tech Tribe soared in popularity throughout 2017 as a result of its unique balance of independence and collaboration. Now working with over 500 customers, they carefully curate applications to join the Tribe ‘family’ to ensure the experience for planners is optimum. “Building everything and trying to be all things to all people is not the future of software in general,”  explained founding Tribe leader, Leonora Valvo of Swoogo. “We’ve always felt that planners shouldn’t have to compromise on tech just to get systems that work well together - or navigate complex platforms to create integrations themselves. Having a world class venue booking tool like Meetingselect in our tech stack further rounds out the offer for planners wanting options outside of the old school all-in-one tools,” continued Valvo.