GDPR FAQ: The Most Pressing Event Marketing Questions - ANSWERED

What's in the FAQ Guide?

The General Data Protection Regulation is the EU’s new regulation, causing widespread panic in the world of event marketing.

We feel your pain too. Event marketers rely heavily on data, whether it be driving event registrations through email marketing lists, collecting contact details at conferences, or even storing all of your old paper feedback forms (for any of you old school event profs). Either way, the GDPR guidelines are going to impact every event marketer, and you need to prepare now.

Glisser ran their first GDPR event back in May, and with over 100 different questions on the regulation, they simply did not have enough time to answer them all. In this guide, we have summarized all of the unanswered questions. 

Introducing, GDPR FAQ: The Most Pressing Event Marketing Questions - Answered. Get your free copy from Glisser's website >>>