Replay: 5 reasons to #ditchthebinder in 2018

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Webinar replay

There are many great things on the horizon for the event industry in 2018. Continuing to use clipboard and binders is not one of those things! In this on-demand webinar our friends and partners at EventOPS will be diving deep into the future of event tech and help you prepare for life in the industry as we leave the era of Excel.

In this on-demand webinar, you can expect to learn:

  • How to find hours of extra time you didn’t know were there

  • What the golf industry can teach us about extreme event project planning

  • Simple ways to involve and inspire your team to love planning as much as you do

  • Easy ways to wean off excel and why your boss will love you for it

  • The art of the start - the ultimate kick off process for the best laid plans for events in 2018

  • How to use your plan to make great decisions

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