Event Tech Tribe member Glisser launches hybrid audience engagement platform

Audience engagement specialists, Glisser, have launched ‘Glisser LIVE’, a new online tool that allows event planners to promote and host hybrid and virtual events. Glisser LIVE combines their existing audience participation software with a live video feed for remote attendee engagement. This development to their platform allows any Glisser users to not only facilitate engagement during sessions at physical events, but also branch out and connect their remote attendees in from anywhere in the world.

Based in the UK and USA, Glisser’s platform is used by hundreds of the biggest names in business, education, and training to improve audience engagement at events and joined the Event Tech Tribe in 2017 as one of their founding members. “Always ensuring that solutions are best in craft - and therefore Event Tech Tribe-worthy - means continuously staying ahead of the trends, and that’s what’s inspired the creation of Glisser LIVE” said CEO Mike Piddock.

Hybrid events continue to surge in popularity as planners and marketers seek to extend the value of the content they create.  Glisser LIVE addresses that need by allowing planners to supplement in-room attendees (and interactions) with a virtual audience online - increasing eyeballs on content and allowing the capture of even more valuable data.  ‘We’re also seeing customers push the boundaries of events in other ways’ says Glisser’s US General Manager, Meaghan Carey. ‘One company trained hundreds of people at once all around the world, and used live-quizzing to gauge their learning instantly and others have run webcasts with integrated ‘spot polls’ to ensure people are really engaged, not actually doing something else on screen!”

Being an Event Tech Tribe company also means being mesmerized by the data that can be sent to Tribe partners, and analyzed via InsightXM, the Tribe’s data specialist company.  CEO of InsightXM, Brent Pearson said “data capture in the middle of sessions, whether in-room or on-line is genuinely valuable to event planners and we’re looking forward to the insights we can capture as a result”.

Replay: Women in Events - building your personal brand in 2018


On March 8th we celebrated International Women's day. It’s a movement that's close to our hearts here at the Event Tech Tribe, which is why we thought it was only appropriate to celebrate our fierce women in events all month long.

This months Event Intelligence webinar is being hosted by our very own, Marie-Claire Andrews and Raime Merriman. Together these ladies have helped power countless events, managed teams of people, won numerous awards and are generally known for getting s#!t done!

This month Marie-Claire and Raime are going to be discussing how to build your personal brand. They’ll share some of their own war stories, provide you with some helpful tips and tools, and help you feel more empowered to make 2018 YOUR year.

Watch this webinar on-demand now

Replay: How to create a killer event website

Want your 2018 event website to absolutely blow your competition out of the water this year? Of course you do! Lucky for you, we’re bringing in event website extraordinaires, Swoogo to show you how to do it like a pro!

Swoogo’s inhouse digital marketing expert, Carsten is hosting our February event intelligence webinar and will be talking us through the top 10 biggest mistakes, showing off some sweet examples of killer event websites, and giving you some inside secrets to take away when it comes time to build your event website.

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Replay: How to get smarter with your event marketing

Get Smarter With Your Event Marketing! 

Want more attendees? Attendee personas and influencer marketing, two techniques borrowed from corporate marketers, are great ways to drive more targeted and effective registrations.

With this on-demand webinar, you can become a master of these next-level event marketing techniques.

We've enlisted leading event marketing consultant and speaker Nick Borelli to share his approaches to leveraging influencers and attendee persons. He'll explain attendee personas and influencer marketing in easy-to-understand terms, and guide you through the process using these powerful approaches to elevate your event marketing efforts.

Attendees will learn…

  • How to identify relevant influencers
  • How to connect with influencers, get your interests aligned and keep them accountable
  • Why creating attendee personas is the key to more targeted event marketing
  • Tips and strategies for identifying your event’s personas
  • How to let your personas dictate your event marketing

Watch it on-demand now