Replay: The Rise of the Event Technologist

No longer behind the scenes administering the network or the app, today Event Technologists have a front-row seat. Not a geek, not an administrator - this leadership role is now one of the most critical in the event industry. Or so we think! 

They could be directing event technology strategy, making purchasing decisions, collecting and interpreting analytics, live wiring experiential touch-points and inventing experiences, too. 

So are you one of them? Are you managing them? Want to be one? Watch our webinar to find out more about the opportunities this role offers organizations, associations and individuals and why it will be the Number 1 job in the industry in 2019. 

Hosted by Michelle Bruno, President of the Bruno Group and one of the first to write about this role as it was emerging - and joined by Marie-Claire Andrews, CEO of the Event Tech Tribe. 

REPLAY: Event Tech Personalization Possibilities

If you’re involved in events, as an Event Tech provider, an Event Planner, or an Attendee, whatever your angle - personalization should be your top priority!

In an era where audiences are being marketed to from 100 different directions, creating an engaging, captivating and PERSONAL event experience is essential. And this doesn't mean just on the show floor, but in all the conversations and platforms around the event too.

So, join Marie-Claire Andrews and representatives from all of the Tribe companies, as they journey through the Event experience with you, share what's really possible in Attendee personalization (and the cool tech available to make it easy, professional and personal). They’ll even ask YOU to challenge some ideas and possibilities!

This webinar is for everyone who has anything to do with events; whatever the role, the product or the place, if you provide to, go to, or plan events this is a must watch!

Watch the replay now!