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Introducing the Event Tech Tribe: A collaborative ensemble of event tech specialists working together to make events better.

The very best of Event Tech, collaborating

The Event Tech Tribe is a carefully curated, infinitely innovative family of best-in-craft event technologies that have chosen to work together technically, but more importantly to collaborate at a client level. We've brought together similarly minded companies and built a way of working that puts you first. Every member of the Tribe is run by an experienced event professional, culturally hard-wired to think like an event planner.


No more compromise

We created the event tech tribe so that event planners had a choice. The Tribe brings together the top technologies from their classes, integrates them then makes sure you have a seamless event tech experience.


The best-in-craft philosophy

We fundamentally believe that each piece of the event technology ecosystem needs to be excellent on its own, and that the best companies focus on doing their bit really, really well. We then take each of those components and blend them at the edges to create perfect, compatible functionality.  We're flexible, independent and we're complementary.  We can help whether you need to work with two of us or ten. 


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Meet the tribe

We cover the end-to-end service that today's event marketer needs. We include registration and mobile, content & exhibitor management, audience engagement, onsite services and data insights. We believe that delivering the best holistic solution for event marketers means linking connecting our solutions in a way that's totally seamless, blending at the edges to create perfect functionality.


Reimagining event lifecycle management